Our Founder - Dr Shikha Sharma

Dr Shikha is a medical Doctor by training, she did her MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College Delhi (ranked in Top 3 Medical Colleges of India). She is the founder of Nutriwel Health (India), a company formed with the purpose of promoting preventive healthcare and improving the lives of people at large. The women-led organization, with its expert Ayurvedic doctors and nutritionists, has helped thousands of Indians all over the globe in achieving a perfect balance of modern nutrition and Vedic nutrition. The efficient use of technology through a personal health and wellness application, advanced chatbots, etc. have enabled the organization to become a pioneer in wellness advice and counseling. Nutriwel Health is a woman-first organization, with 80% woman employees.

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Our Mission & Vision

We combine Ayurvedic knowledge with modern scientific practices to integrate the amazing gifts of herbs, treatments and lifestyle choices. By doing this we have contemporized traditional knowledge to inspire and support individuals in becoming the custodians of their own healing.
We use technology to build India’s most trusted healthcare platform that helps bring good health and holistic ways of living to millions of people. Our goal is to promote sustainable lifestyle choices which are good for our bodies, our communities and for our planet.
We will persevere against all challenges on our way to become one of the world’s most trusted wellness brands by 2025.

Who Are We?

Dr. Shikha Sharma has started the organization in 1998 with a vision to work towards the concept of wellness and preventive healthcare. She pioneered the concept of nutrition as per genetics and combined Ayurveda nutrition with modern nutrition. It has helped us in successfully designing body constitution-based nutrition diet plans, also known as Vedique Diet.
To provide convenience and benefit to millions, we have grown into a health tech company that is trying to solve the problem of nutrition globally by educating individuals and helping the professionals to take their nutrition practice online.

Our Philosophy

We believe every individual has an infinite capacity for healing. Our treatment philosophy is based on the simple assumption that all healing ability comes from the amazing regenerative capacity of the body. All it needs is the removal of the offending agent and nourishment with balanced nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fats to assist in the repair process. Hence, creating conditions for the body to repair and heal itself. We believe that integrating the Vedic science with modern nutrition and behavioral modification protocol improve health outcome significantly.

Our Quality, Research & Training

Our six sigma quality team designs and audits all our processes. Our personalized plans are based on the intensive research and nutritionists, doctors experience in disease management. Our plans are designed as per Prakriti of the individuals and their medical issues. We give huge importance to the continuous training of our team of doctors and nutritionists from the industry experts, thereby ensuring the highest quality of service and results.

Our Advisory Board

Ms. Bhairavi Jani

Chairperson & Founder, IEF Entrepreneurship Foundation & Executive Director, SCA Group

Mr. Amit Bhatia

Creator- World’s 1st Impact Ratings & Assessment System; Cheerleader-Impact Actors; Founder-Aspire Circle & Aspire Impact; Formerly Inaugural CEO-GSG, Founding CEO- IIC & Founding Head- McKinsey Knowledge Center

Ms. Saloni Malhotra

Associate Vice President – Paytm

Dr. Saumitra Rawat

Chairman and Head, Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplant, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Mr. Pawan Agarwal

Founder and Chief Executive at Food Future Foundation

Mr. Brij Bakshi

Media & Communication Expert & Analyst, Former Director Doordarshan (India’s Public Service Broadcaster)

Barun Das

MD & CEO - TV9 Network

Our Story

Feb 2021

Digital Health

Digital Health is an Interactive video streaming platform on the web which is dedicated to all information and news pertaining to health and wellness.



It is an online educational platform for various professionals and non-professionals to upskill themselves on Vedique Nutrition, Detoxification, Covid Recovery, Kids Nutrition, and many such modern-day health-related subjects.

Oct 2020

Nutrition Software

A software tool that empowers professionals to create highly personalized and scientific nutrition plans based on a large repository of clinical knowledge which has integrated modern and traditional systems of nutrition and herbs.

March 2019

Second round of funding

Raised the 2nd round of funding of INR 12 Crores. Funds were utilized to strengthen the technology and business teams.


Amikus CRM & Master Diet Engine

Built by the In House Tech Team from pedigree colleges that have helped us streamlined Nutrition counseling with the increased scope for personalization.


First round of funding

We raised the 1st round of funding from a Singapore-based fund to initiate the in-house tech team & to develop the Amikus CRM software.


Asset light Tele-nutrition

Starting in 2008, we pivoted to a Call centre Model (Tele-Nutrition Centre) and started Nutrition CRM project (With 3rd Party Technology developers)


Brick & Mortar Clinics

We grew from the first Clinic in South Delhi's Panchsheel Enclave to 7 clinics in Delhi NCR ( Introduced Panchakarma and product sales in Centres).

Our Team

Dr Reena Rawat

BAMS Ayurveda Doctor
Sr. Manager Service

Gautam Behl

Chartered Accountant
Manager Finance

Bhawana Srivastava

GM - Human Resource